Daily Feline Prompt: Prudent Feline


“Tired Tabby?”

“I am worn out Mrs. Human with all that celebrating yesterday for my birthday. I even got a virtual birthday card from Dusty, my canine online colleague.”

“A canine? I thought you were not into dogs.”

“At a distance always Mrs. Human. Dusty also has his¬†problems, but they are more to do with walks and squirrels. I do my own walks, and concentrate more on mice and birds.”

“You see Tabby, felines and canines are not really so different.”

“Ok, Mrs. Human, just because I happen to have online conversations with a dog, it does not mean that you have to adopt one . Here it is cats first .”

“No problem Tabby, I do not have the room for a dog and you give me enough to do.”

“By the way I have forgiven you that you did not get me the diamond stuudded cat flap for my birthday or the Versace food bowl.¬†You can now save up for a new collar with a chip on it.”

“That is a good idea Tabby, you mean I would find you quicker by using my telephone remote.”

“Not quite Mrs. Human. The chip I mean is a collar for for humans to wear. It means I would be able to find you when you would be needed to open the door or for any other personal favours. Just a paw pressure on the remote hanging on my collar and you would be directed to my presence by magnetic force.”

“That wasn’t exactly what I meant Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Prudent Feline