Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Cusps


Note the cusps of my claws. I spend hours filing them to a nice sharp point. Mrs. Human tells me not to bother as her furniture does not look so good with scrratches but they are not just scratches. They are the marks to show my possession, that it is now mine. Below the cusps of my paws is a support of pure claw, hard and firm. What is a feline without such a trace of possession. Of course I manicure my claws regularly, and that is where Mrs. Human and I tend to disagree.

She finds that a visit to the vet does it just as well, but he does not have a clue. He cuts my claws and leaves bunt cuspers at the end. What ia a feline with blunt claws? In the time of being worshipped as gods, you would never see a feline with blunt claws. I sharpen my claws where possible, and their cusps are nicely transformed to points. A feline must have a weapon to defend itself against territorial invaders. And now I must go, the table leg is calling for a sharpening process. Mrs. Human is out buying tins of tuna fish for me, and so I can manicure my cusps with no interference.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Cusps