Daily Feline Prompt: Champion Tabby

Tabby 05.04 (6)

“This requires my own pawing of the blog. I am champion in everything, although Mrs. Human disagrees.”

“Of course I disagree Tabby. You are not the chamption tin opener. I have to open all the tins with the tuna fish”

“That is a small detail Mrs. Human, not to be mentioned. Wait until our scientists have developed the paw friendly tin opener, or evolution creates opposable thumbs for felines.”

“Tabby your scientists are still living in the days when felines were worshipped as gods, and are still waiting for Bastet to say the magic words. As far as evolution is concerned, it took millions of years for the first fish to begin walking on land, so I think your opposable thumbs will not develop in your nine lives.”

“But in my 10th life, when I am in the Queendom of Bastet, I am sure. It will be opposable thumbs and you can forget opening tins, it will be felines first with the tin openers. And I can catch a mouse, what human catches a mouse? Huh?”

“Tabby I see no reason to catch a mouse. It would be too small to eat and they are carriers of all sorts of diseases.”

“Have you ever met a feline that has become ill after devouring a mouse. Never, mice are feline friendly. And we are champion bird catchers.”

“I have never seen you catch a chicken.”

“Of course not, for that we have trained humans.”

“This conversation is leading nowhere Tabby.”

“Conversations with felines do not have to lead anywhere. We are the champions, felines first, remember.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Champion Tabby

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Champion Tabby

  1. Dear Tabby, You should know my human catches all the mice that invade her territory, but I’ve been told that my human is actually a tiger. I don’t know how that can be, but there are a lot of mysteries in the world. We went hunting today, the first time in many days, and I saw feline footprints in the snow. Not very large, not a bobcat or cougar, so I think a small feline such as you was out hunting in the snow. My little big sister, Bear, found something wonderful and rolled in it. There’s no sign of anything on her fur, but she smells a LOT better than before. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      The biggest cat I know here is Roschti. He is ginger, and does not like me and I do not like him. Yesterday he provoked, me, me the feline that was once a god, and entered my territoriy without an invitation, although I never send invitations. He stood his ground, I must say, but I stood mine as well. We spend time glaring and staring at each other. I began to growl and then Mr. Human arrived and spoilt the whole show by chasing Roschti away and telling me to go inside. It would have been such an exciting event, and I am sure I would have won the fight, although Mr. Swiss found I was overdoing it. I havn’t seen a mouse for along while, but at the moment have other important things to concentrate on. Working out a plan to defeat Roschti and ban him from my part of the world.
      I must try rolling in something, but we have nothing interesting to roll in at the moment.
      Tabby T. Cat

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    • Before our blind cat became blind she would catch mice and devour them with relish, tearing them apart enjoyably. She always left the tail and the bit behind the tail and we could watch the operation.


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