Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Outlier


“Tabby, come down immediately from that pile of stones.”

“No way Mrs. Human, I like it up here.”

“It is dangerous Tabby, you could fall and injure yourself.”

“I feel perfectly safe, and the nice man must have put them here for me.”

“No, Tabby. The builders are altering things on our patio and they had to take the stones away.”

“But they are ideal, the pefect place for a special feline. I can watch over my territory from here, it is the perfect watchtower.”

“Tabby, it is not your territory but mine.”

“Correction, my territory. The builders recognise how important it is for a feline to have a perfect observation post. From here I can see if an enemy would want to enter.”

“Tabby, you have no enemies only friends.”

“But I can see an enemy approaching through the bushes.”

“Where, let me look. But Tabby that is a little Tabby feline, just like you are.”

“As I said Mrs. Human, an enemy, a usurpur. A feline wanting to move in and take over my territory.”

“Perhaps she just wants to become your friend.”

“Mrs. Human I have spent my time here with human education and you should now know that the word for “friend” does not exist in meow. Everything is to be examined with suspicion. It seems I have to do everything myself, just a moment.”

“Tabby, what are you doing? You have now frightened that other feline away. I am sure she will not come here again.”

“That is the idea. I have to keep everything under control. In the meanwhile you can bring my food to me here and also perhaps a bed. I like it here very much. Just what I need to keep an eye on things.”

“Will you sleep out here all night when it gets colder and darker.”

“Of course not, we do not have to overdo it. During the day is enough. Perhaps you could shift some of the stones indoors for me to make myself comfortable. It would be ideal. I could then keep everything under my observance.”

“Forget it, I do not want stones everywhere inside, they are dirty and would scratch the furniture.”

“Mrs. Human, you are fussy, always finding something to complain about.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Outlier