Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Healing


“Tabby, where are you sleaking off to?”

“To hide myself away from the humans of this world. To escape from their degrading habits.”

“Tabby, what’s the matter. Did someone hurt your feelings?”

“More than that. I was sitting quietly having a paw wash and Mr. Human injured my feelings and insulted me.”

“Oh, what did he do?”

“You must know as well, because when such things happen it is usually conspiracy to gang up on a poor unsuspecting feline like myself. I am insulted.”

“Tabby, stop building up the suspense.”

“There was no suspense. He grabbed me and poured liquid into the back of my neck. The worst of it all is that it is the one place that I cannot reach with my tongue to lick it away.”

“Aha, you got your summer dosage of Frontline.”

“Oh, big deal, you do not have to look so happy about it. I do not like having strange liquids poured on the back of my neck.”

“But it is for your own good Tabby, to keep away the insects that might nestle in your fur and feed on your blood.*

*And, I have enough blood for everyone. I have never seen one of those insects you talk about. It is all fake news conjoured up by the human population to give them a good feeling about doing the right thing. We felines are not asked. Roschti the feline next door, told me his humans do it to him as well. We are all marked with this liquid. It is a conspiracy, we will all die.”

“Now don’t be so dramatic about it Tabby, no-one will die, only the insects that feed from your blood because they will no longer bother you.”

“Then Mr. Human is one of the biggest insects I have ever seen.”

“Tabby he is a human.”

“But he bothered me. I am now getting a stiff neck.”

“Then stop trying to lick it away. The liquid has now distributed itself all over your body and you will be immune from insect bites.”

“All over my body, I am doomed.”

“Tabby you still have at least 4 lives and I have never heard of a feline that was killed by a liquid against parasites.”

“I like my parasites and they like me, we have never had problems with each other.”

“That is because you always get a regular dose of medicine in Summer. Tabby. where are you going?”

“I will not tell you. I prefer to go to some place where no-one will find me, just fill up my food bowl for my return if I survive.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Healing