Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tenacity


“Tabby. be careful of those pots”.

“Mrs. Human, why should I be careful of your stupid pots. They are in the wrong place and in my way. I did not give permissDaily Feline Prompt: Feline Tenacityion to put them on my territory.”

“Tabby they are my pots and contain plants that will grow during the summer.”

“What sort of plants? Can I eat them, will they be an enhancement to my food.”

“No Tabby, they are really not suitable for feline food.”

“Then put them somewhere else. I have to walk around them everytime I want to examine my territory. They do not belong here. They are also dangerous. Perhaps one of them will break and fall onto my paw.”

“No, Tabby, they only break if a foolish feline gives them a push, and I am sure you are far too intelligent for something like that to happen.”

“But they are spoiling the overall appearance of my territory. Once there were empty places where I could roll and paw, and now there are obstacles in the way.”

“It is only for this summer Tabby. The builders are coming and will be giving our house a new makeover.”

“I do not want a new makeover. I like things as they are.+

“You will have to get used to it Tabby.”

“I am constantly having to get used to things. We felines have really had to suffer indignities over the years, There was a time in the old country where they made statues of us and kneeled down before us. We were even brought sacrifices of mice and birds. Today I can be lucky if I get a dish of hard vitamin pellets. What has the feline supreme race come to.”

“I am still here to look after you Tabby, and there is a dish of fresh tuna fish waiting for you.”

“In that case out of the way, I have an important eating challenge to complete. In the meanwhile clear those pots to one side so that I have breathing space.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tenacity