Daily Feline Prompt: Blindly – A Feline Joke

Tabby 10.04.2017

“Tabby if you are thinking of going out this evening, be very careful. The workmen have dug a large ditch in front of the windows.”

“Mrs. Human are you insinuating that I will not see this ditch.”

“It is dark at night”.

“And who is the only perfect creation living here that can see at night as if it was daytime. Who is the one with night sight?”

“Oh, sorry Tabby, I forgot. Your eyes see in the dark.”

“Exatly, so I need no instructions about being careful of falling into a stupid hole that the workmen left behind. The only thing wrong with this hole is that they made noise when creating it. It disturbed my usual daytime sleep. It took me at least a minute more to fall asleep.”

“But you slept immediately.”

“It might be immediate to a primitive human, but to a feline it is eternity.

This new hole will give me a problem. I will have to claim it as my territory before other felines get the idea that they can take it over. It is a big spray for a feline, but a small spray for a territory claim.”

“I think you borrowed that expression Tabby.”

“You mean that thing about men landing on the moon. That was fake news.”

“I don’t think so Tabby.”

“Of course it was, the paw marks of the first settlers on the moon were easy to see in the craters, but it was ignored.”

“Ok Tabby, of course you are right. Now go back to sleep and dream on.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Blindly – a feline joke