Daily Feline Prompt: Unravel the Feline


“Tabby what are you doing in that hole.”

“I am on my way home, but someone has dug a hole in the middle of my path, so I decided it might be worth an exploration.”

“Be careful Tabby, it is dangerous.”

“Not at all, it is only dangerous for humans that walk on two legs with their head in the air. We felines are always careful Mrs. Human. You should try it, it is very safe. Just go down on your hands and legs and sniff the way with your nose. It is so much easier, and you cannot fall.”

“I don’t think so Tabby, If I get onto my hands and knees I would not be able to stand again.”

“Not my problem  Mrs. Human, just one of those things that we felines have no problems with and humans do.

By the way just to mention it I have at last been recognised as a star amongst felines. I was featured today on Tummy Rub Tuesday with one of my pin-up photos. I must tell Roschti, the cat next door.”

“I thought you wasn’t speaking to him because of some territorial problems.”

“Of course I am not speaking to him, I will just paw him a link from my pawpad to make him jealous. He has always wanted to be on Tummy Rub Tuesday, but up to now has not made the grade. It is only the special felines like me, that were once worshipped as gods in the old country, that are chosen. Of course the MacDonalds “M” on my forehead also helped. I now have to go Mrs. Human, I have received so many enquiries from other felines for my paw prints.”

“First of all you have to climb out of that hole.”

“No problem, felines do not climb we jump, look.”

“Very clever Tabby, but do not do it again. You never know what might happen.”

“No problem, Mrs. Human, we felines always know what will happen. We have a 7th sense and quite a few lives to live. Sometimes it can get very complicated knowing which life and which sense, but we manage to unravel it.”

Unravel the Feline

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Unravel the Feline

    • Glad you found me. I began the blog with my three cats, Tabby’s litter sister Nera and a blind Selkirk Rex I had, Fluffy. In the meanwhile I now only have Tabby, but she is quite content to meow a few words now and again. I had a look at your blog and will be following you via Facebook.


  1. Dear Tabby, I thought I’d tell you about my little sister’s hole. She made it herself and redecorates it daily. It’s in the corner of our yard. It’s a very nice hole. It’s the kind of hole we canines make for lying around in. I have my own holes — two of them — one near the sidewalk and another near the wall. I got them just right and don’t mess with them unless Bear accidentally gets dirt in one. I thought you’d be interested. The holes we dig for burying things are very different. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Another difference between us. We felines do not dig, we cover. We build mountains and dogs dig holes to hide their trophies. Just asking, have you ever forgotten where your holes are. we felines prefer to relax in a soft cushioned bed, preferably with soft padding and of course without dirt. That is why permanently cleaning the paws is one of the most important tasks in a feline day.
      Tabby T. Cat

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      • Hi Tabby, Absolutely not. We always know where our holes are, both the ones we have custom designed for our relaxation and those in which we’ve buried something. If we didn’t remember where we’d buried things, back in our wolf times, we would have gone hungry and there would be no canines now. As for the reclining holes, they serve a double purpose. We can hide in them as well as relax. Most of the time, though, we’re in the house with our human. Yours always, DTD

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  2. Although Tabby may not get it, I sure do. Gravity will get me down, but getting back up requires a sky hook and some fairly intricate maneuvering … and no one can help me. It’s too complicated. I won’t even take a bath anymore. Too hard to get out of tub.

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    • I never bath only shower. I have a special bench fitted in the bath to sit on when showering as I could never leave th bath othwise. If I am on the floor it can become very complicated. There is a method of standing with help. Your rescuer bends towards you and you hook your joined arms by the hands around his neck. He stands and takes you with him putting you on a seat afterwards. It worked for me once.


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