Daily Feline Prompt: Pleased Feline

Tabby 12.04 (3)

“Look Mrs. Human, I have got a new exercise area.”

“Tabby that is not for exercise, it has been built to hold building props.”

“I cannot see any building props, or whatever, I see a nice ditch with straight sides , part of which could be used as a king-sized reycling tray.”

“No Tabby, that is not the idea. Afterwards everything will be covered again, and I do not want that smell outside my walls.”

“Typical human, they give with one paw and take it away again with the other. It is such a wonderful place, full of adventure, I am sure it was made for me to break up the boredom of my life.”

“You are bored Tabby, but you have so much to play with.”

“Felines do not play Mrs. Human, we are too busy thinking about the meaning of everything.”

“But your interpretations of the meanings are not always correct.”

“Of course they are, it is the human understanding that is erroneous. This ditch has been built for the express use of felines, I know it. Apart from my king-sized recycling are, I would use another part for my sleeping quarters, although it should be lined with more softer comfortable material. Perhaps you could grow one of your lawns into it. I love sleeping on grass is summer. The part at the end could be transformed into my dining room. Otherwise it is perfect.”

“And what are you going to do when the builders build their scaffolding.”

“That is also part of the development scheme for felines. Scaffolding is good. It has ladders and platforms and places to climb, a wonderful gymnastic center. Perhaps I might shift my sleeping quarters to the top level so that I can keep an eye on my kingdom.”

“No Tabby, forget it, I am not searching for you every evening on the roof. Forget the whole thing. The ditch will be filled with earth. It is not for felines.”

“And if a have a sit down strike and refuse to leave.”

“I do not think that would work. They would just fill up the ditch regardless if you are in it or not. You would be buried alive.”

“You mean like my ancestors in the pyramids, but they were gods.”

“Sorry Tabby, your immortal years were long ago, and now come inside like a brave feline, I am serving tuna fish for dinner.”

“In that case, I will leave my new territory today, but I will return – cats first.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Pleased Feline