Daily Feline Prompt: Measuring a feline


“Tabby stop gripping on that ruler.+

“I do not know what a ruler is, but I am sure I can have fun playing with it. Look, it moves when I touch it. I wonder if I can eat it.”

“No Tabby, that is not a feline toy or food, I wanted to measure you.”

“No, no way. It sounds almost like something a vet might do.”

“Tabby, it will not hurt, I want to see how long you are.”

“I know how long I am.”

“Then tell me.”

“I am four paws long, plus my claws if I want to apply them for a purpose like climbing, or scratching.”

“Tabby, four paws is not a measurement. Now keep still and let me see. Yes, you are approimately 42 centimeters long in the body. Now for the tail.”

“Leave my tail alone, it is the only one I have.”

“It doesn’t hurt Tabby. Yes, it is 25 centimeters long, which makes a complete length of 67 cm.

“I know what you are planning Mrs. Human. You are at last buying me a diamond studied new cat flap and need ┬ámy exact body mass. How thoughtful.”

“No Tabby, I was just curious to know your dimensions.”

“Forget it.”

“Tabby stay here and stop hissing, what is the matter.”

“What is the matter? You know what is said Mrs. Human. There are things that should not be said or even mentioned.”

“Such as?”

“Curiosity killed the cat and I only have 5 lives left out of my 9. I have to be careful what I do with the remaining few.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Measuring a Feline