Daily Feline Prompt: Cranky Feline

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Tabby 14.04 (5)

“Tabby where are you going?”

“I am looking for my Witchy hairballs.”

“Your what?”

“My Witchy  hairballs. It is a tradition amongst felines that we celebrate the burning of the felines with their witches at this time of the year. The big Witchy feline hides the hairballs in the garden and if I find one, it means that I will never be burnt at the stake with my own witch.”

“But you do not have a witch Tabby.”

“That cannot be true Mrs. Human. All humans that serve hard vitamin pellets for meals have a streak of witch about them.”

“I think you are getting things mixed up with our tradition of hiding eggs in the garden at Easter.”

“Felines do not eat eggs and do not have Easter, but we appreciate every hairball we might find. Look there is one behind that bush.”

“Oh, I see, now where did that come from.”

“I told you Mrs. Human it was put there by the witchy feline during the night when we cannot see her arriving.”

“Where are you going with that hairball.”

“I am arranging it next to my bed of course. It will stay there for a few days with the others I might find and when the Witchy celebrations are over, it will again disappear as it arrived. The big Witchy feline collects them all for next year. We felines believe in recycling, that is why we make hairballs. It would be a waste of good fur to just throw them away.”.

“Oh I see, I have leaned something more about the feline beliefs.”

“It is not a belief, but reality. But do not tell it to the other humans, otherwise they will also begin collecting our hair balls, and there will be none left for us.”

“No Tabby, I do not think so. We humans will let you keep your own hairballs, but don’t make a mess with them. You have now collected four of them.”

“Yes, Mrs. Human, it is a good year for hairball hunting, thanks to the big Witchey feline. She belonged to one of the witches from Salem, so she is very special. She could even make the milk curdle and turn the meat into a mass of ……”

“Ok, Tabby, that will do, spare me the details, I believe you.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Cranky Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Cranky Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, Martha here. This is a very interesting looking into Felinthropology. I had no idea of the mystical reality of feline life. I’m afraid Dusty T. Dog couldn’t make hide nor hair of it. You see, in the canine world, their human is their deity AND they don’t make hairballs. He read your post, gave me a confused look, and just went back to sleep. He said to tell you he’s sorry. Your pal, Martha

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    • Meow Martha
      That is the problem between canine and feline. We felines were meant to perform great tasks and we float on two levels. We have the daily four paws on the ground level, but the feline philosophy is more transcendential and what humans look upon as myths are actually the real facts. That a canine with only her bone to care for will become confused with the feline logic is quite clear, after all we were worshipped as gods, and even our witches took us with them when they were burnt. We just rose from the ashes afterwards, strengthened by our new metamorphosis in the progression of our mental development. Let Dusty sleep and dream her dreams of finding things to eat.
      Tabby T. Cat

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