Daily Feline Prompt: The Opaque Feline

Tabby 17.04 (4)

“Tabby do you want to come in?”

“No of course not Mrs. Human, I am just sitting out here in the freezing cold for the benefit of my feline health, admiring the view of the warm inside of my home. Of course I want to come it, you do ask some silly questions. And perhaps you could clean the windows, they are quite opaque.”

“Sorry Tabby, I did not see you straight away. I cleaned the windows last week so they should be clean.”

“Yes, well now the have paw marks on them.”

“Oh yes, I see them, you should perhaps be more careful about dragging your paws over my windows. They tend to leave marks on the glass afterwards.

“Mrs. Human, if you had attended to my needs immediately, instead of leaving me outside in the cold, I would not have needed to swipe my paws over the window to attract your attention, although you continued to ignore me. What were you doing that was more important than me?”

“I had bought a new bag of those healthy vitamin pellets this morning and was opening it for you.”

“A new bag, you mean I had forced my way through the complete 5 Kg of indigestible pellets in the other bag. At least there is a positive side to it all.”

“Which is Tabby?”

“Vitamin Pellets contain attractant to encourage unknown stupid felines to actually eat those pellets. When the bag is fresh, even I fall into the trap, thinking that I am getting real tuna fish. After a few days, however, this attractant lure of smell and taste has disintegrated and it is only the stupid felines, whose ancesters were not worshipped as gods like mine, that still think they are getting something good and tasty.”

“Where did you find all of that information Tabby.”

“I Catoogled it on my pawpad and found it in Catapedia.There is even an article about the vitamin pellet fake news in Pawbook.”

“You felines seem to be very well organised on line.”

“Of course we are, And don’t forget the windows Mrs. Human. If it is anything I dislike it glass with pawmarks.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Opaque Feline