Daily Feline Prompt: Frying Felines


I do not like to fry and I am very sly
I hide in the shade, for heat I am not made
I do not need the sun, it is not very much fun
We felines are cool, we do not play the fool
Give me a place  that has some grace
I do not like hot, I prefer a cool spot
My food I like raw, it is better for my jaw
Mrs. Human likes to cook, by hook or by crook
I prefer natural taste, it is more feline based
We live to eat, our life is a treat
Fresh kill is best, from those living in a nest
But please do not weep, it’s instinct, now to sleep
Will be back tomorrow, and will feel no sorrow
Same time and same place, so is the feline race

Daily Feline Prompt: frying Felines

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Frying Felines

  1. Back when we had a lot of cats, we had a few who liked to lie near the fireplace until their fur was so hot, it felt as if they might start frying any minute. Gibbs likes to lie in the sun until he’s really HOT. For that matter, so does Garry!

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    • My cats always avoided the full sun and preferred the shade. I used to be a sun worshipper. I was one of the lucky ones, like my dad, that would never burn but just get a lovely shade of brown. Now those days are gone and I prefer to sit in a shady place, and who wants a sun tan anyhow.


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