Daily Feline Prompt: Avid Feline


At last the boring days of laying around and counting the claws on my paws and the whiskers sprouting on my face are going. I now have a new interest in my feline life. No longer do I walk the paths of grass and dirt searching for whatever it is that I search for, I have my own adventure playground, although I do not play. I am feline and we felines are a serious part of the animal world.

As you can see from the photo it is precision work. I make a quantum mathematical spring and climb accurately onto my special exercise grid. Life is now interesting, thanks to the alterations taking place in my territory. Mrs. Human said something about it being part of the renovation work we have having done, but this is only a story. She does not want to admit that at last my wishes have been complied with and the whole procedure is based on a letter I sent to the humans that are concerned. They realised the importance of my wishes, knowing that my life was falling into a boring repetition and so they have designed something to make my feline life interesting.


This is, of course, only the beginning. A large ditch has been built to improve my climbing technique. Perhaps it will be filled with water to encourage my jumping abilities. I cannot wait for the next part. There is also a vertical pole, another development possibility of my abilities. This pole leads to a horizontal tube and I can further improve my power of balance. Mrs. Human tells me it is all very dangerous and I should avoid things that I do not understand. Anlother insult, of course I understand the details of balance:  a balance equation is an equation that describes the probability flux associated with a Markov chain in and out of states or set of states. Any feline knows what this means, we invented it. If a feline falls from a distance it lands automatially on its four paws, it is a proven fact.

And now to go further, the men are returning tomorrow with more gymnastic toys for my territory. I heard something about steps and platforms, I cannot wait to develop my abilities even more.

Daily Feline Prompt: Avid Feline

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