Daily Feline Prompt: Zips and the feline


The hot weather is arriving, I can feel it in my whiskers. They are beginning to hang limp and drooping, I am getting the high temperature symptoms. It is not fun having a permanent fur coat. There are moments when I lay in the shade of a tree to stop the concentration of heat on my body. Every furry part of my otherwise perfect body, tells me to find the zip. I have been searching for for years. If Mrs. Human suffers from the heat, she removes part of her clothing. If I suffer from the heat I have to find a place that is cool. If I retire to the inside I am missing all the fun. There are no birds inside, or mice, no action – just a bowl of hard tasteless vitamin pellets.

I wish I had a zip
to be a cool cat
I would lay all day in the sun
relaxing and getting fat

I would stay so quiet and still
And I would not go to town
I would remove my hot fur coat
and perhaps I might get brown

But so is the fate of us felines
I would really like to strip
so listen all you scientists
And invent the feline zip

Daily Feline Prompt: Zips and the Feline