Daily Feline Prompt: A gray Feline

Mr. Grey and Nera

“Look Mrs. Human, Nera my litter sister and Mr. Gray. Where am I?”

“You were not a close friend of Mr. Gray, and you avoided him where you could.”

“Yes, I remember, he was always hovering around in our territory.”

“He owned the lady living opposite.”

“Nera and Mr. Gray were often deep in converation. I think they were planning to amalgamate their two territories to one big territorial kingdom. Where is Mr. Gray now?”

“His human moved away to another territory on the other side of town.”

“Not that I miss him. I didn’t like him and he didn’t like me.”

“But Nera had no problems with him.”

“Of course not, Nera was the chief feline in the area and no other feline dared to contradict her wishes. She was always first. I noticed she also had some gray pathches of fur, but Mrs. Human you have a complete head of gray fur.”

“That happends to most of us when we grow older.”

“You mean I will also become gray.”

“I don’t think so, tabby felines remain as they are, although your nose fur is now quite white.”

“But my Macdonalds “M” on my forehead will stay as it is? That is my trade mark, the sign that I am always first and I will always get free hamburgers.”

“Of course Tabby, you are unique.”

Daily Feline Prompt: A Gray Feline