Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Blanket

Nera and Tabby

“Tabby, I was searching through the photos of you on a blanket,┬ábut everyone I found it was always you sleeping on the blanket and Nera, your litter sister, had to sleep on the hard leather of the settee.”

“Of course, Mrs. Human, it was the selection of the species.”

“But you were both felines.”

“It was a logical choice. If Nera slept of the blanket she would have been to big with all her long fur hanging over the edges, so this time I was first.”

“That was very considerate of you Tabby, to allow Nera to let you have the first choice.”

“Not quite Mrs. Human, it cost me a portion of tuna fish, as well as first choice to play with the mouse stuffed with cat nip.”

“You mean you had to bargain for the blanket.”

“Mrs. Human, you never got something for nothing with Nera. She could be very persuasive.”

“I notice you still rest your head on the blanket when you sleep, but no longer lay on it.”

“That is because I leave room in case Nera wants to sleep there on one of her visits.”

“But she is now in the eternal corn chambers, organising the mouse population.”

“Even champion mouse catchers need a rest now and again Mrs. Human. Look she must have heard us talking about her, she is arriving now. Meow Nera, I was just telling Mrs. Human you pay me a visit now and again.+

“Meow Tabby, but why is it that Mrs. Human always faints when she sees me?”

“No idea, something human probably, they don’t do 10th lives.”

“Of course not, no problem, so move over Tabby, I need a rest on our favourite blanket.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Blanket