Daily Feline Prompt: Felines Pemanently knackered


I am knackered, kaput, so tired. Yes, it is an exhausting life as a feline. We are constantly working, no rest. As soon as I wake in the morning my hard tiring day begins. After a sleep I have to use my energy for a wash. Not just a quick wash, no, a thorough lick everywhere. Every hair of my fur must be cleaned from top to bottom, Afterwards I am completely exhausted, and so I must take a sleep to recover from the exertions, preferably in a high place to be able to overlook my world should I awake in between.

After this refreshing sleep, another wash in required, you can never be too careful. It could be that there are still traces from yesterday’s meal and it is not advisable for other felines to notice, they would become jealous. And so life goes on, and another sleep for a few hours is required. Life as a feline is so tiring but in the deepest of my dreams I hear the sound of a tin opener. I force myself awake and sniff the air which leads me to the place where Mrs. Human keeps the tins of tuna fish. She  fills my bowl. Although I can hardly stay awake, I force myself to eat the food she has organised. I now feel very tired, my paws can hardly carry me, but I manage a walk to one of my favourite sleeping places, not without having a good lick before hand. I encircle my bed three times, which adds to the exhaustion, and then rest my weary head on my paws to recover from the exertions. and I sleep.

Some hours later I am again awake and must have another lick. It is now the hardest part of the day. I have only an hour left and I begin to search. Eventually I find what I was looking for, a nice new place to sleep. My sleeping cushions are placed in stratigic positions, but the last and final sleep of the day is the sleep that needs silence to enable relaxation. I meditate an hour about the meaning of life and decide its meaning lays in the world of sleep and relaxation. Without it I would be lost, and so I rest my weary head, not without having a final lick, and sleep.

Oh the exhaustions of a feline life, we really know the meaning of the word knackered.

Daily Feline Prompt: Felines Pemanently knackered

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Felines Pemanently knackered

  1. Dear Tabby, We’re only knackered if we get to go for a walk, otherwise, we canines (except Mindy) just sleep to kill time between meals and walks. I hope our human has a walk planned today, but I’m not sure. She seems to have an upset digestive system. I suspect if she’s able to take a nap with Mindy, everything will be set right, but it’s too soon to tell. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Perhaps your human didn’t chew enough on her vitamin pellets, or does she eat real food. They usually only serve us the vitamin stuff. I like to take a walk between sleeping, washing and eating sessions with my eye on finding a new place to sleep. Yes life is one stress for a feline. Sleep is the best cure for all problems.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. Our dogs also suffer from chronic exhaustion, yet somehow, can jump to attention for the deepest sleep if it sounds as if someone in the kitchen is … preparing food! Any food. Any time. Any kind. The other day, Gibbs was flat out on the sofa, but it was snack time. He didn’t move, but I noticed an eyebrow was twitching. He knew, but he wasn’t going to move a paw until he was sure it was the right time.

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    • Seems to be an animal thing. When I had all three cats and I was opening a tin of tuna, they were suddenly wide awake and all sitting in the kitchen looking at me with that pleading look in their eyes.


  3. I had Teemu’s ‘Senior Profile’ done last week. It is blood work. He is 14 so I do want to make sure he is a healthy guy. Tests came back he is anemic. I knew he was sleeping a lot (how could I tell, right?) but we are now adjusting his meds to get him…..less anemic. He was my poster child today for ‘Knackered.’ We had it easy with our cats, didn’t we? 🙂 Have a good sleep, Tabby.

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    • Tabby has an annual check up and is doing ok. I don’t think her sleeping pattern is not so much different to other cats and she is still quite active for her 15 years. The vet said she has some scale on her teeth that could become a problem, and we should bring her if it seems she would have eating issues, but at the moment no problem.

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