Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Control


“Are you going out or not Tabby.”

“I am still thinking about it.”

“Don’t think too long Tabby, I have to keep the window open and it is cold outside.”

“I am warm enough Mrs. Human, no problem.”

“I wasn’t actually thinking of you Tabby.”

“I don’t see anyone else to think about except for me It is my feelings that are to be considered, you know felines first.”

“Yes Tabby, it seems to me you are reading too many political articles on your Pawpad.”

“I like to keep myself informed.”

“So are you going out?”

“I might, it is not as easy as it used to be. I used to be able to walk through the window, and now I have climb into a ditch and climb up again. And that ditch is not easy.”

“Seems to me you do not have a great problem with it.”

“Overcoming the ditch is not so difficult, but the distractions on the way.”


“Of course, it is to be compared with wall watching. All sorts of things are moving down there, the ditch is deep and has a history of its own. I smell and feel felines of the past, that have left their mark in the earth in the ditch.”

“But there is nothing to see.”

“Mrs. Human there are certain things that we felines do not have to see, we sense it with our whiskers and nose. I could spend hours in the ditch, but I must go further for my daily control of my territory.  I will return so keep the window open for my entrance.”

“No Tabby, you can enter through your cat flap on the other side.”

“But that is an inconvenience.”

“Today we will make an exception, Humans first.”

“But that does not exist in meow.”

“Then today we will speak human.”

Daily Feline prompt: Feline Control