Daily Feline Prompt: Felines do not panic


“Help Mrs. Human, Help!”

“What’s the matter Tabby.”

“Someone has locked me in, I have bars in front of my head.”

“Tabby, you must have had a dream. They are not bars, just the side pieces to your chair.”

“Oh thank goodness. I dreamt I had found a secret stash of tuna fish cans, and was carrying them off to my home. Suddenly Roschti saw me, the feline next door, and he began to chase me. I was really in a bad condition.”

“You mean he caught you in the dream.”

“Of course not Mrs. Human, I am the fastest feline here. No, even worse. I lost the tuna fish cans on the way and arrived home with empty paws.”

“You mean?”

“Yes, Roschti got them all. I will kill him the next time I see him.”

“Now that is a bit ┬ádramatic Tabby, no need to panic, it was just a dream.”

“But feline dreams are more realistic than human dreams. They have hidden meanings.”

“Then what is the meaning to your dream?”

“How I am supposed to know when they are hidden? Just go and check in the cupboard whether my supply of tuna fish is still there.”

“Yes Tabby, it is all there, no problem. You only dreamt about losing your tuna fish.”

“Perhaps you should put them higher up in the cupboard and cover them with a plastic bag, or better surround them with orange peel.”

“I think you are being a little dramatic Tabby and why orange peel?”

“Because all felines are allergic to orange peel, the smell does something to our whiskers.”

“But that would mean that you could no longer get to the tuna fish.”

“Oh, I didn’t think of that. On the other paw I would need a paw friendly tin opener for the tuna fish, and that has not yet been invented. I will have to have a sleep about it, but not in that chair. It might imprison me again. I will retire to the top of the wardrobe where no-one can get me. Yes, that’s the idea, move the tuna fish to the top of the wardrobe, then it will be safe.”

“But Tabby I will have to climb a ladder to fetch it.”

“No problem, Mrs. Human, I will throw one down by paw when i want to eat, like now.”

“Oh great Tabby, now I will have to be careful not to be hit by a tin of tuna fish when I walk past.”

“No problem, Mrs. Human, it does not hurt me.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Felines do not panic