Daily Prompt: Lifestyle of a Feline


It is a hard life being a feline. I have to plan everything and think of everything. My mum said find a slave, and I found Mrs. Human who was the best on the market at the time. I gave a few interviews, but my choice was made. The others either did not have a garden, which meant territory was non-existant, or some had a dog. No self-respecting feline, that was once worshipped as a god, lives together with a dog. There are exceptions, but it is not my thing. Dogs are fine at a distance, but you really do not have to live with them.

I also discovered that there was a choice of beds at Mrs. Human’s place. I finally sealed it with a paw scratch on her arm to prove my possession, and the contract was made. I should have read the small print at the bottom. It said that as an alternative food, there would always be a supply of vitamin pellets. The word “alternative” does not exist in meow and so I was confused. I soon disovered that vitamin pellets was permanent, the bowl was always full, and now and again for a treat there would be tuna fish. The word “treat” also does not exist in meow, as treats are for dogs, and cats do not have treats, we have permanents.

However, I soon made my point clear with the establshment of a few hairballs, after eating the pellets and the word “treat” has been cancelled in the contract. Otherwise she is OK. Of course there is always room for improvement, but that keeps her on her toes, endeavouring to improve my life style daily. I am still waiting for the diamond encrusted Swarovski cat flap, but it seems that she is now busy saving the $800 for my Versace Barocco Pet Bowl and I suppose you cannot have everything,

I can now hear the sound of a tin opener and smell the scent of tuna fish in the air, so I will have to move my luxury body to my food bowl. Oh, life is so exhausting. After my meal I will collapse into one of my beds and spend a few hours dreaming of new tasks for Mrs. Human. Without me, she would lead a boring life.

Daily Prompt: Lifestyle of a Feline

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Lifestyle of a Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, I understand your feeling about dogs. Even I, I’m afraid, would probably not be the best roommate for you, especially at first. My sisters, however, they might do well if you ever wanted a canine roommate. Our lifestyle is pretty chill. Mostly we lie around on the floor near our human and then, from time to time, we go outside. Very often our lifestyle involves going to the slough, which is a place where we can smell all the messages left by other animals. This is an important part of my little sister’s life.

    Yesterday when we arrived for our walk, there was a canine all by herself in the shade at the spot where there are places to sit. I was very worried about this — as was my human. We knew this canine, something my human calls a “Bassett Hound.” We continued our walk, and the canine followed. This bothered my human who didn’t know if the Bassett Hound’s human was there or if somehow it had gotten lost. We stayed with the little canine and waited. Pretty soon, her human arrived with the Bassett Hound’s sister, who is a golden retriever. I guess the little dog got tired. They have very short legs and it was probably hard to keep up with her human and sister.

    I told my human this was wrong and she agrees, but she said that you can’t control other humans. The canine didn’t even have a collar. The truth, Tabby, is that this is not a very safe place for a small canine alone. 😦 Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Safe – does not really exist in meow, but I think that is when Mrs. Human gets worried because she does not know where I am. I always know where I am, but sometimes to put it quite frankly, she is a control freak – you know wanting to know everything.
      We once had a naked feline as a neighbour, but I did not like him as he was different. He was not like me and we felines can be very particular.
      Do not be offended, canines are OK at a distance, but they make loud noises – a bark is not as fine as a meow, after all we do have the most beautiful voices in the animal kingdom, you know cats first.
      Mrs. Human is always telling me I have short legs, but I do not have a problem with them. If I have to run for my life, I can do it and I am always first. Today Roschti entered my kingdom and was eating my food. Mr. Human was astonished that I was just sitting and watching. He does not understand that any feline can eat my vitamin pellets, it their own fault. No normal feline would eat vitamin pellets, only the non gourmets like Roschti. Mr. Human chased him away and I was disappointed. I thought if Roschti would eat all my vitamin pellets, I would not have to force them down.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. I think I’ll be laughing about this all day. I am a slave to two felines, and I think they love me. Perhaps I am merely tolerated for my opposable thumbs, ability to clean cat box, and prowess with a can-opener. I”d certainly swap places with them (for a few days at least) given the chance.

    It might be nice to be the master for a while. . .

    Thanks for a lovely read!

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    • Of course you are only tolerated, how could you expect more from gods. You are at their beck and call. That is life with Tabby, full of suspense, not knowing what her next wish will be, which must be immediately obeyed of course. Who is it that sits expectantly next to the table when Mr. and Mrs. Human are eating waiting to be served with samples of the food? Yes, Tabby of course, it is all part of her training programme for humans.

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  3. Hay Tabby, Biasini here. I’m a horse as you may know. I don’t live with my human Ma Leueen. I mean enough is enough if you know what I mean. I don’t object to dogs there are a few of them around the barn. Cats tend to steer clear of horses but I have known a few barn cats who have been friendly types. They catch mice in the barn and I think that is pretty cool. Anyway sounds like your food bowl is going to be special. I have a browband on my bridle that has Swarovski crystals on it. I look fabulous wearing it. Lots of comments. Anyway bye for now and good luck with getting rid of the vitamin pellets!

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    • Meow Biasini
      I told Mrs. Human, she is doing it all wrong. I am still wating for my Swarovski cat flap and a horse is galopping around with swarovski crystals on its bridle. After looking in my paw pad I found there is a Sparkling Tiffany Diamond Crystal Bling Cat Collar, so I have ordered one online, after all I am feline and we are first. They are a bargain at $50 and I am sure she will be proud to see that I am wearing something, that even horses do not have.
      Tabby T. Cat.


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