Daily Feline Prompt: Meow it better


“Mrs. Human, stop the rain.”

“Sorry Tabby, that is not possible.”

“Of course it is possible. It is in the contract that you are to care for my well being in all situtation.”

“But you have a nice warm comfortable place outside on the chair, and are sheltered from the rain. Your bowl is full of healthy food and you are in a nice dry place.”

“But it is raining and I cannot inspect my territory.”

“There is nothing to inspect Tabby, all other felines are also indoors, sheltered from the rain. Just relax and sleep on. It will eventually stop raining and you can take a walk.”

“I want to take a walk now. Are humans not even capable of stopping the rain?”

“No Tabby, that is not possible. Even felines cannot stop the rain, and they were once worshipped as gods.”

“I know, but that was only a side line. Our main job was to give orders and have them obeyed by humans, as it stands in our contract.”

“I cannot remember everything that was in the contract Tabby, after all there were 49 pages.”

“Correction Mrs. Human, 50 pages, I am just completing the 50th page including the weather clause.”

“No, Tabby, weather is an act of god, meaning that it is something out of my control.”

“I will have to sleep over than one. I must revise the contract. In the meanwhile you can occupy yourself with preparing my evening meal.”

“Of course Tabby, it can only get better.”

“You said something Mrs. Human.”

“Oh no, just thinking aloud.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow it better

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Meow it better

    • It is not so cold and we really need enough rain at the moment as we went through quite a dry period. Although when it rains constantly, it tends to get a little depressing.


  1. Hi Tabby, Martha here. I think you should know that if you revise the contract, Mrs. Angloswiss has to sign it again, and she could refuse based on your unreasonable demand that she stop the rain. I’m just saying, of course you were once worshipped as a god, but at the moment you’re merely loved by your human. Dusty T. Dog encourages me to tell you not to take that for granted. Your pal, Martha

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    • Meow Martha Human
      I have already signed it for her, as she is not so good with pawprints, does a human thing and I am never sure if what she writes is the right thing. Love, oh yes, that too, I love her too especially when I get tuna fish and a tummy tickle, but only if I am in the mood. Of course I love her, but cats first with the love thing . I know I am so adorable, it is difficult not to love me.
      Tabby T. Cat

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