Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Exposure


It’s raining again and I really do not want to expose my luxurious fur to the rain. Mrs. Humann says I smell when I am wet, typical human. She smells all the time, whether she is wet or not – must be a human thing. Shall I go or not? I noticed the workmen have constructed a ladder for my needs. I could perhaps take a walk up the ladder, although Mrs. Human says something about being dangerous and I could fall. It is difficult to explain to a human that “fall” does not exist in the meow way of life. We do not fall, we do balancing tricks in the air, and we fly landing on all four paws. We can even twist when we are flying to make sure we arrive at a comfortable angle. Humans just fall and break bones and things. I said it before and say it again, their construction is completely wrong. The design is so imperfect. They might have opposable thumbs, but their bodies are completely out of balance If they had four legs completed  with opposable thums on their paws, it would be the perect solution. I will have the window closed, by Mrs. Human and have a sleeping session.


Just a moment, who do I see outside? My perment enemy, Roschti, the feline that lives next door.  He has just descended my new staircase from above with no problem. I must tell Mrs. Human, otherwise Roschti will take over this new path completely. He has already christened it as his territory, I can smell it. You really have to keep an eye on things here. I am permanently exposed to invading felines in my territory. He has even developed the two step landing on the grid outside and that is my grid. I must remind him in a paw discussion that Tabby is first.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Exposure

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Exposure

  1. Dear Tabby, Roschti is very brave to assay the stairs AND your territory, or maybe he’s stupid. My arch nemesis, Joan, has apparently moved away. My human says Joan is a great canine, and that might be, but since we were never allowed to meet and become pack maters, I don’t know that for sure. There are elaborate canine gestures that must occur before we know who our friends are. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Roschti is just stupid, it is nothing to do with bravery and he is not to be trusted. He has only tried to conquer the stairs for a good lookout post and now he is watching every move I make from above. I have even had to move my hairball collection which are really exclusive, as well as my catnip stash. We felines do not do packs, we are the great individualists, and I am one of the best, no – I am the best. Tabby first – have I said that before?
      Tabby T. Cat

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    • It is worrisome, but it seems that felines can do everything. I can no longer enter through the window because of the chasm in between so have to go out of the front door and enter from the side. Take my stick – of course not, for such a short journey, but Mr. Swiss is not of the same opinion 🙂


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