Daily Feline Prompt: A Permanent Feline in a Temporary Place


“Tabby are you going to lay there much longer.”

“I am thinking about it, why is it a problem?”

“You have so many places to sleep, and now you are sleeping on one of our beds.”

“But beds are bigger and better than my silly cushions. I can stretch out my paw  to prove my ownership.”

“But that bed does not belong to you.”

“It does now.”

“No, Tabby, you are in a temporaray place.”

“Temporary does not exist in meow. If I am here, then I have claimed it as my own, although I might change my mind later and go somewhere else. Your bed would be very appropriate I think. Lots of space and if I crawl under the covers, I will be completely in control.”

“No, Tabby, you have three sleeping cushions, and outside you can lay in the garden.”

“It is not a question of can  Mrs. Human, it is a question of wanting to. When I stretch out my left leg and paw and place it on the covers of a bed, it means I am in charge. It is mine and there is no discussion. I will not move, because then it is no longer  mine.”

“Even if I serve a dish of tuna fish.”

“That is something completely different. It changes the point of view. I must now observe the situation from a different angle. If I leave this place, it must be understood that it is of my own free will and not for any other reason. I am leaving becaue I want to. On the other paw, how is it with the tuna fish. Is my bowl already full.”

“Yes Tabby.”

“OK I am on my way, but remember the bed is mine and I will be back, or perhaps I might take over your bed. Oh, the decisions of a feline life, we have so much stress. So, where’s the tuna fish?”

Daily Feline Prompt: A permanent feline in a temporary place