Daily Feline Prompt: A Permanent Feline in a Temporary Place


“Tabby are you going to lay there much longer.”

“I am thinking about it, why is it a problem?”

“You have so many places to sleep, and now you are sleeping on one of our beds.”

“But beds are bigger and better than my silly cushions. I can stretch out my paw  to prove my ownership.”

“But that bed does not belong to you.”

“It does now.”

“No, Tabby, you are in a temporaray place.”

“Temporary does not exist in meow. If I am here, then I have claimed it as my own, although I might change my mind later and go somewhere else. Your bed would be very appropriate I think. Lots of space and if I crawl under the covers, I will be completely in control.”

“No, Tabby, you have three sleeping cushions, and outside you can lay in the garden.”

“It is not a question of can  Mrs. Human, it is a question of wanting to. When I stretch out my left leg and paw and place it on the covers of a bed, it means I am in charge. It is mine and there is no discussion. I will not move, because then it is no longer  mine.”

“Even if I serve a dish of tuna fish.”

“That is something completely different. It changes the point of view. I must now observe the situation from a different angle. If I leave this place, it must be understood that it is of my own free will and not for any other reason. I am leaving becaue I want to. On the other paw, how is it with the tuna fish. Is my bowl already full.”

“Yes Tabby.”

“OK I am on my way, but remember the bed is mine and I will be back, or perhaps I might take over your bed. Oh, the decisions of a feline life, we have so much stress. So, where’s the tuna fish?”

Daily Feline Prompt: A permanent feline in a temporary place

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: A Permanent Feline in a Temporary Place

  1. Dear Tabby, None of us EVER gets on our human’s bed, though I think my sister Mindy might like too. She could never jump up there. My sisters have the sofa and I have the entire living room floor and we all share my mother/sister Lily’s bed (RIP Lily T. Wolf). But we are several times larger than you, so a cushion would be laughable unless it were very large, like a bed. You could take a nap on Bear if you were here. She’d let you. She’s very soft, warm and fluffy. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Of course I only occupy my bed(s) during the day. At night there are more interesting place to see and go. I have a bed in nearly all the rooms, even the bathroom, although Mrs. Human calls that a carpet and it is very warm and comfortable in Winter because the floor is warm. My own personal beds, the ones that humans do not fit, are round which is also very comfortable, but on a human bed I can really stretch and take possession. I always accompany Mrs. Human after lunch on her bed. She prefers to sleep under the covers, but I observe the situration on top of the covers.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. “But that bed does not belong to you.”

    “It does now.”

    And that really IS part of our doggish conversation! Gibbs believes — FIRMLY — that an open piece of sofa is HIS. He is distressed when I drag him to the middle of the sofa so I can sit down. What, do I think he’s some kind of DOG?

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    • Tabby is convinced that we are only staying at the place as the retainers. She owns it and says who goes where. Dogs and Cats do not have a lot in common, but possession is a common denominater. Where I shed my fur and rest my paws is mine, the rest is just an extra.


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