Daily Feline Prompt: Pink Cats?


Meow, I do not get this one at all. How is a feline supposed to talk about a colour?. We do not do colours. Mrs. Human says I have a sweet pink nose, and pink paws. Seems to be a human thing. I use my nose for smelling things, and my paws are the reason why lotus flowers spring from my footsteps, although that is perhaps more to do with the fact that I was once worshipped in the old country as a god, but we will be back.

It is just a question of a paw friendly tin operner and opposable thumbs, but our experts are working on it. I last heard that the paw friendly tin opener exploded on the first trial. They were using nuclear energy and that never works. They should have applied more quantum mathematics and perhaps a three dimensional design on their paw pads to see where to put the switch. I think the problem was the laser they used to form the cutting edges. A normal grinding wheel would have been better, lasers always cause problems esppecially when trying to split atoms. One of the developers was Tiddles Oppenheimer and he got too many crazy ideas from the human he owned.

In the meanwhile, I have discoverd that tuna fish is pink. In this case I will have to rethink the mysteries of colours. Pink must be a special colour, although everything looks the same to me. I think I will have to define colours by smells and yes, pink is the colour that smells best.

Daily Feline Prompt: Pink Cats?