Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Maze

Tabby 12.04 (3)

“Mrs. Human, why do humans have to be so complicated?”

“We are not complicated Tabby, we solve our problems very well.”

“Yes I noticed, you solve your problems and cause other problems at the same time. I used to be contented and happy with my fate, with a few exceptions referring to a hard vitamine pellet diet, “That is good for you” in your famous last words.”

“And what is the problem, Tabby?”

“The problem is the ditch in front of my window exit. I used to be able to leave the home and walk onto my safe terrotory, keeping my paws nice and clean on the way. Now I am forced to jump into depths, landing on rough territory, and afterwards climbing up a steep wall to reach my land. This is very inconvenienct and I lose time.”

“It is only for a few months Tabby, until the builders have finished their work. Afterwards it will be much nicer for you.”

“You mean it will be paved in gold with resting places on the way and a few beds of catnip in between.”

“No, not exactly Tabby, but it will be nice a clean and you will not have to jump or climb afterwards.”

“If these builder humans are replanning everything they could have asked for my ideas. I would have a few suggestions, like a nice fountain with water in case I am thirsty on the way, and perhaps a built in fish pond in case I am hungry. A maze would also be a good idea.”

“What do you want a maze for?”

“We could put some mice into it, to save them making tunnels in the ground. I am sure they would love such an adventure playground and I would have my own self service restaurant.”

“Forget it Tabby. When the builders are finished everything will return to normal and you can have a direct entrance to your territory, otherwise you will have to be patient for the time being.”

“Patient – cannot find it in the meow dictionary.”

“No problem Tabby, it means you have to wait until the builders are finished.”

“But I might break a whisker when climbing over this obstacle course.”

“I am sure you will survive Tabby, I have never heard of a feline having to go to the vet to repair a broken whisker, they just grow again.”

“Typical human, they know the answer to everything.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Maze