Daily Feline Prompt: Hospitable does not exist in Meow

Tabby 14.05 (3)

You are asking me about being hospitable? I know there is a such a word in human, they are even not sure themselves how hospitable they want to be. We felines have an easier solution to the problem. We are not hospitable, never have been and never will be. We dislike everything that is not us. I have never had an argument or fight with myself. I get on well with myself, it is the others that cause the problems. The feline next door, Roschti, has had his eye on my territory since I took over at Mrs. Human’s place. Now and again he wanders through sniffing everywhere and sometimes he even makes himself comfortable on my ground, spreading his smell everywhere. I sometimes allow him to enter, but only when I know he will be eating my hard tasteless vitamin pellets which are supposedly “good for you”. There you have it, Roschti has no good taste, he will eat anything as long it belongs to someone else.

I have no friends, another word that does not have any meaning in feline. I take what I want and do not ask questions, as I am not really interested in an answer. Today it rained and the water outside made puddles in the garden. Mrs. Human was telling me not to drink the water, “it is not good for you”. I don’t know where she gets these ideas, must be a human thing. As a feline I am perfectly capable of kowing what is good for me. She does not have a good taste sense, otherwise she would realise that the water that comes from above has more flavour and vintage qualities than the water that arrives through this tap thing. That is full of impurities from stuff that is supposed to be good for you. It seems Mrs. Human’s life revolves around things “that are good for you”. As she is not a feline I decide to ignore such statements.

I must go, Roschti is again approaching and I must maintain my stand in my territory. My claws are sharp, my teeth are ready, and I am completely 100% inhospitable to everything that is not me, most of all the feline next door.

Hospitable does not exist in Meow

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Hospitable does not exist in Meow

  1. Dear Tabby, Dogs aren’t sure about hospitality, either, though once we get to sniff and circle another dog, we are usually happy to meet them. Sharing food, though, that is another thing completely. Usually we do not share. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      You see, the humans have it all wrong. Doing our own thing is the best – and when even dogs agree, then it must be good. Although sniffing alone is not the solution of course. You can sniff the wrong feline and that could lead to problems. The male cats no longer bother to sniff me, I wonder why? Although I must say I do not have so much interest in sniffing them either.
      Tabby T. Cat.

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  3. I can’t help but smile when I’m reading these. I know why, because I have two of my own and this sounds very familiar!! I do wonder though, if cats are this arrogant and nonchalant, which they are, why do we love them so much??! I actually feel a bit dumb at times coz they take ‘manipulation’ to a whole new level and we fall for it, every single time! But, they are still great, and they know it! 😁 😀 😃

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    • At least we know where we stand and know what to expect. They have their own logic. They might not be able to speak but can be very communicative when necessary. Open the window I want to go out is scratching on the frame and laying on their back Is a signal for a tummy tickle. They are in charge.

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      • True, they really are the ones in charge! And they have selective hearing. I found the older one sleeping on my laptop again this morning. I wouldn’t mind if it was closed, but he keeps messing the settings up. And he knows full well he shouldn’t be up there. But, as a groomer friends of mine said, “You can reason with a dog, but you can’t reason with a cat”!! Never a truer words spoken! 😆


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