Daily Feline Prompt: Non-collaborating felines

Tabby 11.04 (4)

“Where are you going Tabby?”

“None of your business Mrs. Human.”

“Oh yes it is Tabby, especially when you leave an unwanted hairball on the floor in my computer room.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, just put it on one side, preferably in a dry place so that it will be preserved for my collection. A hairball is never unwanted.”

“No, Tabby, I will throw it away, it is not very appetising.”

“As I said, no problem, I do not eat them, it has already been eaten. It will now be part of my collection. Perhaps you could take a photo for my blog.”

“Definitely not Tabby, I am sure your followers do not want to partake in a hairball photo.”

“I was thinking of my feline followers on Pawbook. We now have a group “Hairball Achievements” and there is always a feature “Hairball of the day”. I am sure this one would qualifiy, look at the form, I am sure it would be a success. I might even have a chance to win “Hairball of the year”.

“”Tabby can we change the subject, this is very unappetising.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, we do not eat them, they have already been eaten.”

“Tabby! It would be better if you would eat your bowl of fresh vitamin pellets with the tuna fish aroma.”

“Because they are good for me?”

“Yes, wonderful that you have now understood why I feed you on them.”

“No, its OK Mrs. Human. I discovered that they are ideal for hairball production.”

“I give up Tabby.”

“And I thought at last you were corroborating with my efforts to be No. 1 Hairball Feline of the year.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Non-collaborating felines