Daily Feline Prompt: Qualmed Feline


“Mrs. Human, do I really have to go through this obstacle course every time I want to inspect my territory. I am getting qualmed muscles from crawling under this gate. ”

“Perhaps you could take the path at the side, instead of under the gate?”

“Taking the path at the side means climbing into the ditch and climbing up again.”

“But you can do that very well.”

“Of course I can, but my paws are qualmed and¬†¬†dirty and I have to wash them afterwards. It never used to be like this. I am getting no respect from those humans with the qualming noise machines. I cannot even indulge in wall watching at the moment. Every time I find a nice comfortable wall and get ready to watch it, they begin to demolish the wall. How can a feline examine the details of a wall and its feelings when they just take a machine and destroy it. They have no respect for anything, not even for a wall.”

“But Tabby it is their job to remove walls that are no longer necessary. And they are not removing the actual wall, but the insulation on the wall. It will be replaced afterwards.”

“Mrs. Human, walls have feelings. I have spent many minutes, no hours, watching the walls and absorbing their waves of influence. You cannot remove anything from a wall. Their meaning of life is destroyed, they have nothing left. Would you like to be discarded and thrown in a container to be transported to who knows where?”

“But Tabby walls are dead material, they have no feelings.”

“Mrs. Human have you ever watched a wall.”

“Not really Tabby, I prefer watching something with action.”

“How many felines watch walls Mrs. Human.”

“True Tabby, I must admit, I have seen a few felines watching walls.”

“There you have it Mrs. Human. There are thousands of us watching walls. No wall is neglected, we give them hope and faith and we respect them. In future Mrs. Human, do not just walk past a wall, but acknowledge its existence. We felines know the meaning of a wall.”

“Yes Tabby, I am sure you do.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Qualmed Feline