Daily Feline Prompt: The Notorious Feline


The seek me here, they seek me there
But I am crafty, and I do not care
I sleep all day, with an hour to save
I need that hour to be very brave
Life is tiring and I need my rest
That hour is important to do my best
to find a place to rest my head
after 23 hours sleep, I need another bed
Sleep makes tired, and hungry too
I grab a few bites so I won’t feel so blue
I might take a walk to find a new place
to rest my weary limbs and wash my face
Oh the duties of a feline can be such a strain
My eyes are closing, I must rest my brain
My reputation is fantastic, I am so glorious
But you must beware, I am also notorious

Daily Feline Prompt: The Notorious Feline