Daily Feline Prompt: Unmoored Feline


I am off to experience what the world holds for me. I said goodbye to my various beds, my hairball collection and my bowls of water. I did not say goodbye to my bowl of hard vitamin pellets the “are good for you” because I never really found them good for me. They were not easy to swallow, although I must say they were ideal ingredients for a perfectly shaped hair ball.

I did not say goodbye to Mrs. Human, she would not understand it. The sun is shining and I am on my way saying goodbye to the tree where I like to lay for its shade when the sun is shining. I wave goodbye to my favourite wall where I would have so many enlightening conversations as well as my unopened tins of tuna fish.

I left a note for Mrs. Human to say not to worry. I must go on a quest to find my purpose in life. As the Dalai Feline said “Our prime purpose in this life is to help other felines. And if you can’t help them, then forget it”. Yes so are we felines, always thinking of ourselves.

So I am on my way, but just a moment. Do I really want to leave my home which has that familiar smell and feeling about it? To leave my humn slaves who have no other purpose in their insginificant human lives but to fill my food bowls and empty my recycling tray. How can I be so selfish? If I am no longer in my home Mrs. Human will have no purpose in her human life. Her one aim is to ensure that I lack nothing, that all my wishes are fulfilled and read from my whiskers. No I cannot do this, I must return to my territory. Oh, I am still in my territory, well it is a large territory. My Paws are aching, I feel exhusted. I must take a rest, but not here. I will return.

“Hello Tabby, where have you been?”

“I was leaving home Mrs. Human.”

“Oh dear, were you unhappy?”

“No, of course not, does not exist in meow. I wanted to go places and see things.”

“And did you?”

“Of course, I reached the borders of my territory.”

“And you returned?”

“I could hear the sound of the tin opener and smell the scent of tuna fish in the air.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Unmoored Feline

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Unmoored Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, I have to admit, a couple of times I ran away from home with my Siberian Husky sisters/mothers. We ran up the street and turned left and went to the farm with the small chickens and the sheep. My sister/mothers always went there. This one time Lily captured one of the chickens. My sister/mother Cheyenne was more interested in the sheep, but it was well penned. As for me, I just wanted to go home. I don’t like being unmoored. I want to be with my human. I waited by the side of the road. I was sure she would come after me. Sure enough, minutes later (you have to know my Siberian Husky sister/mothers worked fast) she arrived in the car. She opened the trunk and Lily jumped in with her chicken. I got in the back seat. Cheyenne wasn’t sure she wanted to come with us so we went home. Our human made sure we were OK and then went back with the chicken to get Cheyenne. Unfortunately, the chicken was so damaged the other chickens went after it. Cheyenne got into the trunk with the chicken and we went home. Cheyenne shared the chicken with all of us. It was good, but I’d rather never have left home. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      My apprentice Fluffy used to run away now and again. He was blind so did it all by sniffing. Once he disappeared in the evening and Mrs. and Mrs. Human had to search for him in the dark. They said it was lucky he was a white cat, well white, if he was clean. They found him in a garden near the main road and he did not want to come home. He was too busy sniffing all the new smells. The seond time he disappeared it was during the day and a lady told our neighbour that there was a cat sitting on the other side of the main road. The neihbour’s wife told Mrs. Human and in the meanwhile her husband was already on his way and found Fluffy. He was the hero of the day, but Fluffy did not appreciate it as he did not like being carried anywhere. I once disappeared for a complete day almost, but I knew where I was, only Mrs. Human didn’t. She found me in the afternoon. Actually I had been watching her approach from my hiding place in the bushes. I really do not know what the fuss was about. I knew where I was and would have come home eventually if I felt like it. Humans are funny like that sometimes.
      I have never captured a chicken, they are bigger than me. I have often thought about capturing a bird, but they fly away. Mice are something completely different. Even when I bring the mouse to show Mrs. Human how clever I am she does not appreciate it. Just do not understand humans.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  2. Bonnie once ran across the street and got kidnapped by someone coming by in a car. She wanted to be paid to bring Bonnie home. Our police person get really pissed off about that and went with another cop and sirens and all and brought Bonnie home. She has never gone anywhere since!

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    • I cannot understand people that take dogs, kidnap them or otherwise sell them for profit. Glad that the police reacted as they did. Our Fluffy once disappeared for 2 complete days. We put a photo on the local missing pet site but suddenly he walked in again. We suspect he had got locked in somewhere and found a way out. When he returned, he ate a bowl of food and slept for a day. Otherwise luckily he was unharmed.


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