Daily Feline Prompt: Catapulted feline


“Now that was a refreshing sleep Mrs. Human, I feel like a new feline.”

“I suppose you would after sleeping all morning and lunch time.”

“Lunch time, food, and I got nothing?”

“You were sleeping Tabby.”

“Yes, I remember, I had to make choice. eat or sleep. I then noticed that “eat” was no choice as there were only hard vitamin pellets in my dish. I was sure that during my sleep that would turn into something soft and fishy.”

“Sorry to disappoint Tabby, but the pellets are still there, although they are flavoured with tuna fish.”

“No way Mrs. Human, I would rather starve. I think I will take a walk to my territory.”

“Ok, but go out through the back window.”

“But that is not my favourite territory, I would prefer to take the direct route through the front window, passing my favourite wall and walking across my new climbing frame, left by the builders, known as scaffolding.”

“That will not work Tabby, the builders are working at the moment.”

“Yes, I can see them through the window, but they are playing with fire. It is an inquisition. My ancestor, “Witchy Tabby” met his end in the fire, although it seems not really, he just crossed into his 10th life and was still turning the milk sour.

Do you think the buiders are┬áhere to collect the felines that got away?”

+No Tabby, they are working outside and melting object to make them stick to the wall.”

“But not my wall, that would be cruelty to walls. You mean they are building a barrier around my territory. They are invaders.”

“They have now gone so you can go out. It is no longer dangerous.”

“But there is a strange smell in the air, like burning objects, fur or whiskers. They are coming to get me I am sure.”

“They are not longer here, but have gone home. They have finished their work.”

“OK Mrs. Human, but if you see them driving a wooden stake into the ground, tell me. That is the next step and I still have 5 lives left.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Catapulted feline