Daily Feline Prompt: Conflict of Feline Interests


“I am off Mrs. Human. Am not sure when I will be back. Do I look OK?”

“Of course you do Tabby, why are you meeting another feline?”

“I hope not. Having a wash is normal, nothing special. Of course, it enhances my good looks even more and leaves an everlasting impression on the other felines. After all I am the best. Felines do not meet Mrs. Human, we spend most of the time trying to avoid each other, or ignoring each other. We have more important things to deal with, such as territorial rights and ensure that no other felines are trespassing. Do you think my claws are sharp enough?”

“Ouch Tabby, yes they resembles razor blades at the moment. Look at the mark on my arm you just made.?”

“Did I draw blood?”

“No Tabby thank goodness, although I will have to disinfect the scratch.”

“Perhaps they are not sharp enough in that case. Are you insinuating that my claws do not leave a clean scratch.”

“Not at all Tabby, it is a very neat clean scratch, you can see every detail, just a precaution. And now go on your walk.”

“If your hear any screams or hisses, it only means I am impressing other felines.”

“I see, and what if they are not impressed.”

“Of course they will be impressed, I am respected in this neighbourhood.”


“Are you already here again Tabby.”

“I changed my mind. Roschti was standing at the edge of my territory.”

“He impressed you?”

“Not exactly, I think I was impresssing him, let’s just call it a conflict of interests.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Conflict of Feline Interests

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Conflict of Feline Interests

  1. Dear Tabby, My nemesis, Joan the Cattledog, has moved away for good. My human says there is a sign in the front yard meaning that the house is for sale. I hope whoever moves there has the consideration NOT to own a canine or, if they do, I hope it’s a small canine who stays in the house. I spent two years establishing my territorial rights and got nowhere. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I understand your feelings completely, although Roschti the anti feline is staying. I built up hopes this week that he might go somewhere else, because the guy he owns is moving away for a few weeks as he is having Roschti’s home refurbished, but Roschti is staying. He has taken a temporary lease out on the neighbour who will be feeding him. I wish the guy he owns would move for ever, but no such luck. Perhaps the new owners of the house next to you might have a feline. If they do remember they are to be respected at all times and that you should not bark to loudly. On the other paw, perehaps a new canine in town will be a good thing. You will have a new colleague and can bury bones together. you might even be able to extend your territory in partnership – dogs do that sort of thing I believe.
      Tabby T. Cat

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