Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Detonations


There is nothing like a cooling drink of water when you have survived a stress situation. I had spent a few hours in one of my resting places. I was relaxed, had a wash and then was confronted with the next problem. Where shall I sleep now? I had already occupied the cushion at the top of the cupboard and Mrs. Human’s bed covers still had the dent where I had spent a restful two hours of sleep. I was bewildered, and knew I had to find a new place to sleep. Using the same places twice on the same day is not good for the balance of the feline vegitative nerve system.

There is only one cure for this problem: a drink of fresh water from the bowl, but there again which bowl? I decided on the bowl outside, as  I had already tasted the water in my dining corner. Inside water can be very boring, as it usually comes from this thing called “tap”, mixed with all sorts of chemicals as it is “good for you”. I discovered some time ago that the human phrase “good for you” has nothing to do with the feline ideas of well being. Although the water outside is also from this tap thing, it matures in the fresh air. It can absorb various aromas, even particles contained in the air. If it has rained in the meanwhile, this is a great improvement, adding various textures to the water. Today it did not rain, but the sun is shining and its ultra violet rays infiltrate the feline taste buds – this is strictly feline, humans have no idea what the are missing.

Note the placing of my right front paw in the bowl. This adds to the flavours from where my paw has trod. This is a special paw, and when placed in the water bowl, detonates an explosion of flavours. And now to sleep. I can see the shade of a tree inviting me for a further few hours of sleep. Three different sleeping places in six hours, this is feline ecstasy.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Detonations

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Detonations

  1. Hi Tabby, Martha here. We were walking last evening and in the yard where one of Dusty’s sworn enemies lives there was a cat who looked a LOT like you. Neither Dusty nor Bear saw her. I sent her a telepathic message, “Hunker down and they won’t have any idea.” She instantly flattened next to the garage and became almost invisible. Dusty and Bear seemed to have caught her scent but as you may or may not know, dog eyesight is not the best. The little feline said, telepathically, “Thanks, human,” but I told her it was best for both of us as I don’t think I could hold back Dusty and Bear if they BOTH saw a cat. I was happy to know I could still communicate in telepathic feline if the need arose. You know once I was owned by 10 cats. Your pal, Martha P.S. Maybe you’ll get some nice rain water soon.

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    • Meow Martha
      Well done, you deserve a feline protection medal for use of telepathic communication in the face of the foe. It is not that we felines have anything against dogs, but they smell different, make loud noises and basically tend to chase us felines. Of course in a frontal war, we felines would win every time, but prefer to lay low as we really do not want to harm the dogs. We are more into undercover attacks, like hiding somewhere and hoping that the dog walks past. The problem is that dogs tend to work in groups, and we felines are more into single warfare. You were owned by ten cats, and you survived? No rain in sight up to now unfortunately.
      Tabby T. Cat

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      • Yes, Tabby, 10 cats and I liked them all very much. It was fun in a way. Some of them were mostly inside cats, but most of them were inside and outside cats. The only downside — though it was interesting — was when they invited their skunk and possum friends home for dinner. Fortunately it was California and the dined outside.

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        • “Mrs. Human we should adopt a skunk.”
          “No Tabby.”
          “Why not, I would be the only feline here with its own skunk.”
          “Exactly Tabby, definitely, you would really be the only feline with a skunk, and I would move out.”
          “But who would feed me?”
          “Tabby either me or a skunk.”
          “OK, I will settle for you.”

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          • The possum and the skunk were frequent visitors. We named them “Vagrant” and “Fragrant”. But, Tabby, you would not like a skunk. Yes, they’re pretty but you would be constantly trying to clean their smell from your fur.

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            • Hi Tabby, Dusty T. Dog here. Yes. They smell and they shoot this chemical when they’re frightened and they shot both me and Lily T. Wolf once and I can tell you it was NO fun. Not only did we have to deal with the smell ourselves (and you know the canine sense of smell is very precise and powerful) but we had BATHS. Skunks can best be enjoyed from afar and better still in photos. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog


  2. I’m glad to hear that Gibbs is not the ONLY pet that feels the need for a more intimate relationship with the water bowl, though he goes for both front paws and most of his muzzle, coupled with a good, strong paddle. I’m sure it improves the quality of the water, especially the gallons all over the living room floor!

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    • Tabby has two water bowl, one inside and one outside, but he refers the ouside bowl. It has more flavor diversity. I think the paw is to stop the bowl escaping. These objects tend to develop a life of their own according to feline logic.


  3. Our cat briefly touches the water with her paw and I think it’s because she can’t see the water, so she checks with her paw to see if it’s there. This sometimes causes the water to slosh around in the bowl. We talk for our cat often. her expressions are priceless.


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