Daily Feline Prompt: Buffing with a feline

Tabby 30.05 (2)

“I will be back Mrs. Human, just taking a breath of fresh air.”

“But keep to the paths Tabby. Yesterday your fur was full of grass from your walk through the meadow”

“No problem Mrs. Human, a good scratch clears it all away.”

“Yes and afterwards it is in the appartment.”

“You have a cleaning monster that sucks it all up.”

“I have a better idea Tabby. When you arrive home I could run the cleaning monster over your fur. It would remove all the bits and pieces.”

“No way, it would probably remove my fur as well.”

“It would keep your fur free from various insects.”

“I do not have insects, although ants seem to like me and they have a few good stories to tell. ┬áDo not forget, we felines are prefect and have our own cleaning system. I have never seen a human that can scratch behind her right ear with her right foot. And there are other places that we like to lick clean which a mere human could not ………”

“OK, Tabby, I do not need instructions on the cleaning habits of a feline, go for a walk and keep out of mischief.”

“Mischief does not exist in meow, it is all a matter of occupational hazards and who can run faster than the others. See you later, I have an appointment with a wall that needs buffing.”

“Needs what?”

“I have to use this stupid word somewhere in my daily prompt.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Buffing with a feline