Daily Feline Prompt: Trace the Feline


“Here you are Tabby, I was searching everwhere for you. I thought something had happened.”

“No Mrs. Human, nothing has happened. I decided to get away from it all, have a sleep, some peace and quiet, no excitement or stress, and then you appeared with your loud disturbing human voice.”

“But I was worried Tabby, I had not seen you for some time. I though perhaps you had got lost, or even trapped somewhere.”

“No Mrs. Human, I am pefectly safe, just relaxing in a quite place and getting some sleep. I can look after myself. I have more problems looking after you. It it wasn’t for me you would be constantly forgetting to get a fresh supply of tuna fish, not to mention constantly filling my water bowls with fresh water.”

“But you always have a supply of water Tabby, in two bowls.”

“I said fresh water. You have enough computers and time devices with signals. You should programme them more regularly for my water supply. Once an hour would be enough.”

“But you never drink all the water, so I though twice a day would be OK.”

“Mrs. Human, just do not think so much, it might cause human brain damage if you overdo it, just take action. And perhaps you could move┬áthe stone next to my right back paw. I would like to turn my body to the other side and it is in the way.”

“Of course Tabby, it must really be an inconvenience to your sleeping poisition.”

“It is, and now you may go. my sleep process is not yet ready to be terminated, I still have an hour of rest programmed. You know what that means Mrs.Human.”

“Of course Tabby, I will begin to prepare your tuna fish so that you do not get a cold shock if it come direct from the fridge. It means that when you have finished sleeping it will be at the right temperature for your digestion. Would you prefer it with a sprinkling of chopped chives, or a touch of tarragon.”

“Today I would like a side dish of catnip, to sooth my nerves. It will help to cure my stress situation.”

“But you are sleeping.”

“Sleep is also stress Mrs. Human, turning from one side to another, it is so tiring.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Trace the Feline