Daily Feline Prompt: The Portion Feline


A portion of food
A portion of sleep
A portion of washing
Then I sink in a heap
Just taking my time,
in drips and drabs
Why hurry or rush
There is nothing to grab
When eating  tuna
I should take my time
enjoy every bite
It is really not a crime
To absorb the flavour
let it flow when you swallow
Mrs.Human says there is no rush
She says I do not follow
Of course there is a difference
She eats with fork and knife
it is the human way
I eat for my life
There is a moral to this wisdom
I am searching to find
In the meanwhile take another bite
And then I have dined

Daily Feline Prompt: the Portion Feline

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Portion Feline

    • If they had opposable thumbs, who knows. I lived for more than a year with a Swiss/Pakistani family and yes, I learned how to eat with my fingers. It was no problem, but there is a trick to it without making a mess, and only the right hand can be used.


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