Daily Feline Prompt: Feline in the distance


“No Mrs Human, are you out of your camera mind?”

“Why, what’s the problem?”

“I am the center of your human universe, the purpose of your life and you take my photo in this way.”

“I thought it was very original Tabby, something completely different. It shows the reality of every day feline life. You have found your little corner on the porch on a chair and sleep, heedless of your surroundings. I am sure it is a prize suspicious photo.”

“But not on my pawpad and definitely not on my page in Pawbook. The other felines will be laughing at me with hilarious meows. ¬†You would have to increase the size of the photo to find me: better you could crop the photo and show me as the star. It really does not need all that metal and other surroundings. To add insult to injury, you show me resting on a chair next to a rubbish disposal bin.”

“The rubbish disposal bin did not seem to bother you when you settled on my chair for a sleep.”

“Your chair? since when? Everything here is mine, you are just allowed to used various objects and at the moment this is my chair. You can sit on the other chair or on the ground. There is enough room. The next time you want to take a photo, just tell me in advance so that I can organise a suitable pose.”

“But I found this a perfect pose.”

“No arguments. I should be shown resting on a silk cushion , in close up of course. You cannot even see my face on this photo, I am just a blob in the background. You have more lens for your camera that tuna fish tins, and I am sure you could have fitted the zoom on the camera to show the details of my whiskers and my MacDonalds “M” on my forehead. This photo does not show the essence of me.”

“I thought you were sleeping Tabby and would not notice.”

“I was sleeping, but in feline sleep we are always at a distance observing the events from our third eye.”

“You have a third eye?”

“Of course, a feline never sleeps completely, we must always keep an eye on our human at all times.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline in the distance