Daily Feline Prompt: At night we all look alike

Tabby 04.06 (3)

Uniform? I am me, unique, exclusive. This is not a uniform, it is a designer dress. There are no two felines with the same pattern: even the MacDonalds “M” on our forehead varies, according to the location of the various coloured fur particles, although mum said I did resemble my dad, but this is doubtful.

It was a dark night, the moon was not even shining, although she said it did. She loved to add a bit of romance to the story. I do not really think there was very much romance involved. She was black in colour, looked quite a bit like my litter sister Nera (may she be happy catching mice in the eternal corn chambers) and according to mum I look liked dad, but who knows. There was no paw holding, or meowing to the shade of the moon, I think dad had a sniff, meowed “move over” and in a few minutes they parted, not without mum giving him a paw swipe on the nose before he left. She had no time, Nera’s dad was waiting on the next roof tile.

And so is feline life – we might all look alike, but not really. We all have our little differences. Although I often wonder where the reddish hue on my fur comes from. Oh well, who knows, it was a dark night and mum is colour blind in any case. And Nera’s dad was nothing better. I think she moved onto the next tile afterwards.┬áThere were four of us in the litter – so who knows what happened on that dark night, all felines look alike.

Daily Feline Prompt: At night we all look alike