Daily Feline Prompt: Natty Catty

Tabby 05.06 (9)

“Tabby you have been sitting on that chair for a long while. Are you still washing yourself?”

“Mrs. Human this is a very private moment in a feline life, I have to concentrate and really do not need your camera stuck in front of me the whole time, or perhaps you want to see how I do it.  It would save you time in that shower/bath room you have.”

“No Tabby, I was just intrigued how you do it.”

“Pull the other one Mrs. Human. You just want a photo of my wonderful pink tongue. At least I do not waste water like you do. I drink the precious water with its herbal mixture and you just throw it over your body.”

“Tabby were you in the shower this morning?”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Human, I don’t wear clothes either. It take a lot to shock a feline.

If I had opposable thumbs, I could also take a few photos.”

“I hope not Tabby.”

“But you have taken one after the other whilst I am washing. A feline also wants to have a few private moments. You will probably be showing my washing operation to everyone on your computer site. “Tabby wiping a wet paw over his nose”, “Tabby licking his back leg” etc. etc. I also need a private sphere.”

“You don’t actually hide when you are washing Tabby, so I thought I could take a few photos.”

“Where am I supposed to hide? A feline wash is an open air event, although we do not write invitations. It is a matter of being polite and not springing around with a camera trying to get the best view.

Of course my washing process is economical and environment friendly. We have our own water supply. And now it is time for a sleep after my strenuous actions, so you can put the camera away.”

Tabby 05.06 (2)

Daily Feline Prompt: Natty Catty