Daily Prompt: Tender is the feline


Put your right paw in, keep the left paw out
And now the temperatures is correct, so shake the paw about
This is the way to enjoy your drink
But now take a pause and then begin to think
Shall I drink it all at once, or just from time to time
These things must be considered,  it is really not a crime
Water is not just liquid, it is the “A” and “O”
Each sip must be absorbed and through the tender throat it must flow
I am fussy about the taste, it must mature in its flavour
With mixtures of rain and storm, my concentration does not waver
I feel it in my whiskers, and down to the tips of the claws
I take my time in drinking it and now and again take a pause
Mrs. Human has her orders to replenish it all the days
It must be kept in the shade away from the sun’s full rays
My paw is tuned to the drinking temperature. I prefer it slightly cooled
As a god I learned to appreciate it, it was the way it was ruled
Although I like to have privacy, when drinking in a squat
But Mrs. Human is here again taking a photo shot.

Daily Prompt: Tender is the feline