Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Volume

Tabby 11.06 (2)

“There you are Tabby, I was looking for you everywhere.”

“I had to get away from it all, there was too much noise in my home.”

“You mean because of the building work?”

“Not really, the builders are no longer making any noise.”

“Then what was the problem.”

“You were meowing too loud.”

“I was having a conversation with Mr. Human.”

“And he was meowing too loud as well. Two humans are too much for the sensitive ears of a feline. Can’t you do it in  telepathy.”

“Tabby telepathy is not possible, that is something you read about in science fiction stories, but it does not really exist.”

“You think so. I have had so many interesting conversations with the wall outside and we only use telepathy.”

“Walls cannot speak.”

“Of course not, they use telepathy.”

“But walls are just walls. Bricks and morter, they do not have a thinking process.”

“Mrs. Human look around, you see walls everywhere. They constantly talk to each other and as we felines are also fluent in telepathy, we share so much with walls.”

“I hardly think that a wall can commnicate and they have nothing to tell in any case.”

“How do you know when your human brain is not equipped with telepathy. The wall in our garden has many intresting stories to tell. At the moment it has a problem.”

“The wall in the garden has a problem?”

“Yes, it overheard the builders saying it will be painted in green.”

“That is true, to match the other colour of the building.”

“It does not want to become green, but stay as it is. Walls are very sensitive about being altered.”

“I very much doubt it Tabby.”

“And what if the wall crumbles and falls because it is injured by the new colour.”

“Tabby walls cannot be injured, they might fall apart when they grow older, but they can be rebuilt.”

“Mrs. Human what happens if you fall apart when you grow older, will you be rebuilt?”

“That is not the same Tabby. Walls are walls and humans are humans. Where are you going Tabby?”

“The wall overheard our conversation and is now crying, look you can see water on the wall.”

“That is because it is raining.”

“That is what you think. I will have to go and comfort it.”

“Yes Tabby, shall I make an extra portion tuna fish for the wall this evening?”

“This is not a joke, and anyone knows that walls cannot eat, silly human.”

“Oh yes, of course Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Volume