Daily Feline Prompt: Creational Feline

Tabby 15.06 (2)

“Now that is very creative Tabby, using the building construction as a place to relax.”

“I am not using it, it was part of the building plan to construct a place of comfort and relaxation for my body. The platform on the left is a paw rest and on the right there is a perfect construction for my head. In the middle there is a space to accomodate my body when relaxing. It has all been placed near to the grass, for a softer rest in the evening.”

“You mean you told the builders to organise the construction to suit your taste.”

“I just applied some feline influence. Mrs. Human you also have no time to waste, I am sure you have more important things to do. It will soon be my feeding time.”

“Oh, of course Tabby, I almost forgot.”

“One day they will find me on my last paws, starving, because Mrs. Human almost forgot. You should revise your daily feline care plane: in the morning an inspection of my recycling tray for cleaning purposes. By the way I noticed that you can now buy litter for feline care, perfumed with vaious scents.”

“But the normal litter works just as well.”

“Litter that “works just as well” is really not something for a feline that was once worshipped as a god. Do you use newspaper when you enter your recycling cabinet?”

“Of course not Tabby, there are much softer products in the supermarket.”

“And what about me? The next time you replenish my tray, perhaps you could organise the rose flavoured litter. Just imagine the impression it would make on the other felines.”

“Definitely Tabby, they would smell you before they see you.”

“Was that the attempt at  human joke? No-one is laughing here.”

“Sorry Tabby, did not want to hurt your feelings.”

“No problem, feelings does not exist in meow, just needs and wants. And whilst you are organising my new feline litter in the feline emporium you could renew my supply of tuna fish. I saw they now sell it fresh in the supermarket in the fish department.”

“But it might have bones and I would have to remove them.”

“No problem Mrs, Human, that is what humans are for.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Creational Feline