Daily Feline Prompt: No Blossoms for Felines

Tabby 15.06 (6)

“Already home again Tabby?”

“It was a boring walk, nothing interesting.”

“But it is summer, the flowers have arrived and the trees are green, a walk is never boring in Summer.”

“That is a matter of opinion. You cannot eat flowers, so what is the point. My apprentice Fluffy, may she have happy hunting days in the eternal corn chambers, once ate a cactus flower and had to visit the evil vet because she was sick. If there is one thing I will never do it is eat a flower, I would rather lose a life in a natural way: even at the paws of a dog would be kinder, you know what to expect. Vets are unpredictable, they have all sorts of strange devices for prodding and they force things down your throat because “they are good for you” something like the hard indigestable vitamin pellets I often get in my food bowl.”

“Thanks to the uncle vet Fluffy survived eating the cactus flower, and flowers are not to be eaten, but to be admired for their smells and colours.”

“Mrs. Human flowers do not smell like fish or freshly killed meat and I am colour blind, unless the flowers are green or brown.”

“The leaves are green on the flowers.”

“But you still cannot eat them, unless it is the catnip variety, although it would be a waste to eat such leaves. Catnip is to be absorbed into the system, to float on a cloud somewhere in the feline state of transcendential whiskers.”

“Tabby too much catnip is not good. You could become addicted.”

“Too late, addiction arrives with catnipand I was born with it. What’s for dinner?”

“Your food bowl is full Tabby, you can help yourself.”

“Mrs. Human I mean real food, not machine made pellets. I will now take a sleep as I am exhausted after my walk, all four paws feel the strain of the march through the wilderness. I will return when the sun goes down for food to sustain me and preserve my strength throughout the night, something in the direction of an animal that swims when alive.”

“Of course Tabby. And afterwards you will go for another walk.”

“Forget it, it is then night and as the weather is quite pleasant I will take another sleep outside, where the air is full of fragrence.”

“Of blossoms?”

“Of the hunt.”

Daily Feline Prompt: No Blossoms for Felines