Daily Feline Prompt: A bottled-up feline

Tabby 15.06 (1)

“Something wrong Tabby?”

“Everything is fine Mrs. Human, but I was wondering what this father’s day thing is that humans are celebrating.”

“They are honouring their fathers.”

“I don’t get it, what is there to honour about it.”

“That they were there for you from the beginning and were always ready with help with support. Of course not all fathers are like that, but there are always exceptions to the rule.”

“In that case feline fathers never realised there was a rule.”

“But even every feline has a father.”

“That is the problem Mrs. Human, we felines do not remember ever seeing a father and our mothers lost track of them after a few minutes.”

“You mean you never knew your father.”

“The question should be “which father”. We were 4 in our litter and we all looked different. Nera was the black long haired fluffy type, there was a ginger one with the red fur, and there was a black and white sort and of course me, with the Macdonalds M on my forehead.”

“You mean you were the only Tabby amongst the litter. But your mother must have known who your father was.”

“Which father, I think she met many fathers on that memorable evening. It was the catnip harvesting season and they were all a little high.”

“Oh dear, how sad. But Tabby Mr. Human and I are now your mum and dad.”

“No thanks Mrs. Human, although I could do with the opposable thumbs, but that voice, that hair and an insufficiency of two legs – no, I don’t think so. My dad might have done the disappearing trick,  but at  least he had whiskers and could wash himself with his tongue. He could even wash places on his body that are out of reach for a human.”

“OK Tabby, you have made your point. It seems that felines can do quite well without a dad.”

“Of course we can, even our mums moved on as soon as we could kill a mouse all on our own. That’s feline life for you.”

Daily Feline Promopt: A Bottled-up Feline