Daily Feline Prompt: Loopy Tabby


I should really do something with my life, go places and see things. It cannot be the meaning of a feline existence to only sleep and eat and look for somewhere to sleep.

On the other paw all the other felines I know do not do anything else. If we meet we hiss and glare and exchange paw swipes and sometimes discuss the best sleeping position and places.  Some are even something completely different and come closer for a sniff, but they cannot be trusted. It is not normal for a feline to come close and meow something like “let us be friends”. They are the suspicious ones to avoid, to ignore and show that you are the boss.

So now back to my feline loop. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and what am I doing. Laying next to some sort of plant that Mrs. Human waters. If it was catnip I could understand her motivations, but a green grass lookalike that she tends to with love and sprinkles on something she calls salad. It doesn’t even smell good and I would not dare to eat it. She should be passing her time tending to my needs and not to her own – typical selfish humans, they never spare a thought for a helpless feline like me.

So I will now move, stretch and yes, lay on the lawn. The sun has shifted, it is now beating down upon me and I need shade. I must break out and do something completely different. Just wake me in an hour or so when it is time for my next meal. After my meal I will definitely do something different, devestating and never before seen. I will try the chair on the right, it has a new cushion and looks ideal for a sleep. Routine is a destroyer of the body and mind, we must always be prepared to change our sleeping places.

Daily Feline Prompt: Loopy Tabby