Daily Feline Prompt: Paper Feline

Tabby and the pawpad

Who needs paper? I remember in my kitten days Mrs. Human would have a roll of paper hanging in that place called bathroom. That was fun. I would dig my claws into the paper and exercise my front paws by pulling on the paper, but the fun did not last for very long. Suddenly there was no paper left. Mrs. Human was not very pleased because she needed that paper for some other purpose, although she never told me for what. It must be some sort of secret humans keep to themselves, although I noticed all humans used it, even humans that did not live in my place.

My paper days are now gone since I have my pawpad and it is much easier to handle.  I often visit Pawbook to see the meowies that the other felines post. I also keep up on the newest developments for a feline life. Mrs. Human thinks that finding special offers for feline food is the only important part of iPad life. On my Catcatcat page I have now seen that Cat Caves are on a special offer for only $40 and you get three free balls with them to play with. Mrs. Human found that it was expensive and she could buy a bag of hard unappetising viatmin pellets with that money. That is where humans do not understand the real meaning of life. I am sure I would be the only feline in the neighbourhood with a real wool Cat Cave.

I told her time is running out, only 23 hours to go on the special offer, but she was not listening, so I had to borrow her little plastic card to get the number for the online deal. Who needs paper  money when plastic does the job just as well.

Daily Feline Prompt: Paper Feline