Daily Feline Prompt: Cringe with a Feline


“Tabby, daily I take a photo of your to show all your fans and daily you sleep in the garden.”

“I am not an object for taking photos with your telephone camera Mrs. Human. I am too busy in the afternoon for photos.”

“You don’t look very busy at the moment, you are sleeping again.”

“I did not hear the word “again” and I am not sleeping. I am meditating.”

“What are you meditating Tabby.”

“I am in a deep thought process about whether to remain where I am, or whether I should change my sleeping place to the sun bed. Oh the decisions in a feline life.”

“Perhaps you could sit on the sun bed and wave a paw.”

“Do what?”

“That would be a lovely photo for all your followers.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, how stupid of me. I am only here to pose for photos. Is that better.”

“Wonderful Tabby. What are you doing now?”

“No problem, I thought you would like an action photo. I was just preparing the manufacture of a hairball. Ready with the camera?”

“No tabby, that is not the sort of photo to show to thousands of your followers all over the world.”

“But it would be unique. I would even like a copy on my pawpad photo programme, to browse in a spare moment.

What are you doing Mrs. Human?”

“I am cancelling the last two photos. No-one wants to see a hairball manufacture.”

“Now that is a shame. I so wanted to send a copy on my Pawbook page to show the kittens how to do it properly. Lesson one in how to be a successful feline “Production of a Hairball”.”

“Better to send a photo of you washing, to show the kittens how to do it properly.”

“That would not work Mrs. Human, I would get into trouble with their mothers. That is a process that only maternal parents teach their kittens. I would be intruding. There are places we wash that remain a secret between our tongue and …..”

“Ok Tabby, I get your point. Just go back to sleep, I really did not want to intrude in your private life.”

“See you again tomorrow with the camera Mrs. Human, same place, same time and same sleeping position.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Cringe with a feline