Daily Feline Prompt: Cringe with a Feline


“Tabby, daily I take a photo of your to show all your fans and daily you sleep in the garden.”

“I am not an object for taking photos with your telephone camera Mrs. Human. I am too busy in the afternoon for photos.”

“You don’t look very busy at the moment, you are sleeping again.”

“I did not hear the word “again” and I am not sleeping. I am meditating.”

“What are you meditating Tabby.”

“I am in a deep thought process about whether to remain where I am, or whether I should change my sleeping place to the sun bed. Oh the decisions in a feline life.”

“Perhaps you could sit on the sun bed and wave a paw.”

“Do what?”

“That would be a lovely photo for all your followers.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, how stupid of me. I am only here to pose for photos. Is that better.”

“Wonderful Tabby. What are you doing now?”

“No problem, I thought you would like an action photo. I was just preparing the manufacture of a hairball. Ready with the camera?”

“No tabby, that is not the sort of photo to show to thousands of your followers all over the world.”

“But it would be unique. I would even like a copy on my pawpad photo programme, to browse in a spare moment.

What are you doing Mrs. Human?”

“I am cancelling the last two photos. No-one wants to see a hairball manufacture.”

“Now that is a shame. I so wanted to send a copy on my Pawbook page to show the kittens how to do it properly. Lesson one in how to be a successful feline “Production of a Hairball”.”

“Better to send a photo of you washing, to show the kittens how to do it properly.”

“That would not work Mrs. Human, I would get into trouble with their mothers. That is a process that only maternal parents teach their kittens. I would be intruding. There are places we wash that remain a secret between our tongue and …..”

“Ok Tabby, I get your point. Just go back to sleep, I really did not want to intrude in your private life.”

“See you again tomorrow with the camera Mrs. Human, same place, same time and same sleeping position.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Cringe with a feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Cringe with a Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, We had thunder today and that is very upsetting to me. I am always certain it will destroy my human. I barked at it and after a while it went away. But I’m not sure it will stay away, so rather than taking my after-dinner nap I’m staring at my human to be sure she’s all right. It seems you felines do not have this kind of responsibility. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog.

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    • Meow Dusty
      Our responsibility with thunder is to hide somewhere safe. I always go under the bed. That is where it cannot reach me and I use my telepathic force to drive it away, which always works. Mrs. Human has to look after herself. She is too big to get under the bed.
      Tabby T. Cat

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